It’s me, Paul Kwauk: Urban Survivalist and Fitness Enthusiast!

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Here I write about prepping, leisure, and other stuff as an amateur survivalist of sorts. Hopefully, this website can make you embrace optimism and help you stay alive longer.

My Writing

I’m a serious fan of survivalism, but a non-professional prepper. My works are some useful ideas that I wanted to keep and share. These entries are valuable to me and I hope that you appreciate them too. Anyone is welcome to read them. Please enjoy and take care!

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There’s always more to a person than you think. Please visit my info page.

What Drives Me

I learn from those who have the same adventures and passions as I have. Forever, I will be grateful to them for their contributions to my creativity and society at large. Here is a page dedicated to them so that you too may gain from their exploits.

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Stay Alive Paul

Founded in 2020 by Paul Kwauk.

He is a survival hobbyist studio based in Quezon City, Philippines.

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