About Me

Paul Kwauk

Blogger / Web Developer / Amateur Survivalist

Welcome to StayAlivePaul – a lighthearted blog dedicated to helping people be optimistic and stay alive!

Hello, my name my name is Paul Kwauk and I’m an optimist blogger. I write about survival strategies, stress relief, and positivity.

Getting Along with Life

I’m a native of Quezon City, a son of a Texan man and Filipina woman. My parents helped me out by pulling me out of a dark place. This is to pay it forward for all the kindness that I got from them and others.

I started this blog during the COVID-19 pandemic and decided then to share what helpful life tips I got from family, friends, and experts. In spreading love and care, I believe I can at least be a catalyst for change. Also, I’ve been wanting to beat negativity in my simple way.

Maybe you came here to get advice. You stumbled upon this page out of curiosity.

Whatever brought you here, I’m here for you! I’ll help you however I can.

I used to think that troubles won’t end but they do. Trials are temporary setbacks and helping hands are just around the corner. Remember this: You’re not alone in this world! If you want something, all you have to do is ask.

Activities of the Survival Man Himself
  • Writing, Blogging, Coding
  • Prepping
  • Video Gaming
  • Fitness and Martial Arts Training

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